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plant panels

Plant panels - why is it worth it?

Plant panels, also known as green wall panels or vertical gardens, are wall-mounted structures that allow plants to grow in a vertical arrangement. They can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, metal and even ceramic.
vertical garden in the living room

Vertical garden in the living room

Do you dream of greenery in your living room, but lack the space for traditional flowers in pots? The solution could be to create your own small vertical garden, which will bring the freshness of nature and positive energy into your interior. What is a vertical garden?

Realisation: vertical garden at the railway station in Lublin

This study describes the design and implementation of a green façade on the newly constructed Metropolitan Railway Station building in Lublin as part of the investment: "Construction of the Integrated Transport Centre (ZCK) for the Lublin Functional Area (LOF) in Lublin". This project was completed in 2023.

Moss wall

Nowadays, when caring for the environment has become very important, many individuals and companies are looking for innovative ways to integrate nature into urban and private spaces. One such eco-friendly architectural trend is the creation of a moss wall,

Green flower walls

A green flower wall is a charming architectural solution that combines the beauty of vegetation with the functionality of an urban space. It consists of vertically arranged flowering plants that create a striking surface on the façade of a building or a free-standing structure.

Green walls in interiors

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for ways to bring nature into their interiors, and one of the most impressive solutions is green walls with plants.

Green plant wall

A plant wall, also known as a vertical garden, is a structure or installation consisting of vertically growing plants, usually placed on the outside wall of a building or freestanding structure.

Vertical garden

A vertical garden is an innovative gardening solution that involves growing plants in a vertical plane, usually on a building wall, fence or specially designed structure. This modern method of growing plants makes it possible to create a beautiful garden even in a small flat or on a balcony.

Moss for walls - why is it worth it?

Moss for walls is not only a trend in interior decoration, but also a natural way to add cosiness and originality to any room. This unusual plant material is becoming increasingly popular due to its unique texture and aesthetics.

Plant panels for the wall

Plant panels, otherwise known as vertical gardens, are an original decoration for walls inside buildings, as well as building facades in urban areas. At the very beginning it is worth mentioning that our company does not make panels from artificial plants. We focus on natural and ecological materials, which is why our green wall panels contain only live plants.
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