Green Façades

Green plant walls. We are introducing green facades into urban spaces.

We create green plant wallswhich affect biodiversity and improve air quality in urban areas.

Green Façades - Advantages

Green walls Green walls help to reduce the effects of climate change in the urban environment. As well as regulating temperature, they provide shade and adequate thermal insulation. Plants placed on green facades They absorb pollutants, which contributes to the city's air quality. Another major advantage of green plant walls is their design. Planting plants on the walls of urban buildings makes it possible to introduce a large amount of greenery in heavily built-up areas with minimal use of land. Green façades is also to protect buildings from external factors including UV radiation.

Green walls - biodiversity

Using green walls, we can introduce different types of vegetation into urban areas that are particularly exposed to the outside world. The use of a substrate of natural soil allows a combination of different plant species and creates the right conditions for them to grow. In this way, the quality of the environment can be improved and the biodiversity of existing ecosystems can be increased.

Green façades have the same beneficial environmental effects as investments in nature conservation, as they create ecosystems in built-up areas. In addition, the implementation of green facades in cities has a positive effect on the planet, as they reduce noise and CO2 emissions and improve air quality.

The creation of an original project will not only improve air quality and general living conditions, but will also meet the public's expectations regarding ecology and environmental protection.

Green Facades - what sets us apart?

Natural soil system

Natural substrate

Our plants grow in their natural habitat from the very beginning, which gives us more flexibility in the design of the vertical garden and enables us to ensure biodiversity and improve air quality. We can make a uniform wall of greenery, create a pattern of plants or work within a specific aesthetic.

Resistance of façade plants

Plant resistance

The plants we grow have a developed root system, which guarantees that they are fully acclimatised before installation. Plants grown on our farm are characterised by their high resistance to external factors.

turnkey greenery

Comprehensive service

We are at your service from initial consultation to design, planting, installation and maintenance. We are there for you at every stage of the work to ensure the desired outcome.

Green Façades - Plant selection

Selection of plants set on green walls is crucial to the functionality of the project. Depending on the client's expectations, we will select the number and type of plants that will ultimately be placed in the vertical gardens.

Green Façades - Investors' Expectations

Our most common expectations of Investors are:

  • increasing biodiversity,
  • air purification,
  • interest in seasonal perennial and flowering plants,
  • as well as compliance with local regulations.

Knowing the client's expectations, we are able to provide a design concept and prepare a colourful mock-up. This is to illustrate the benefits of different compositions taking into account different plant palettes, colour play, patterns, texture and effects.

Green Façades - we look forward to working with you

Whether you are renovating or managing a completely new development, we are experienced partners in the design, installation and maintenance of green facades in high-end projects. We invite investors, architects, business and shopping mall owners as well as individual customers to work with us. With over 10 years of experience, we can guarantee expert advice and top-quality service at every stage of your joint project.

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