Ivy fencing - a natural shield for construction sites

MobiGreenFence is ivy fencewhich will make it possible to mask unsightly building sites in urban spaces.  Ivy panels can be linked together to form an independent fence or be combined with an existing building fence.

Ivy fencing - natural fencing at urban events

Temporary ivy fence will also prove an ideal solution for various types of events organised in the city. Instead of metal fences, which disfigure our surroundings, it is worth considering the installation of ivy fences, which, in addition to demarcating the event area, will increase the aesthetic value of the venue and also contribute to improving air quality.

Ivy fencing - which green plants?

In the basic version ivy fence MobiGreenFence is supplied with the plant Hedera helix 'Woerner'. It is a hardy, dark green evergreen plant with various leaf shapes. Depending on the Investor's expectations, we can offer a fence enriched with additional plants and also equipped with birdhouses or bee hotels. The plants used for this type of fence are very easy to care for, and the system itself is equipped with water reservoirs, which make taking care of the living fence even easier.


MobiGreenFence is a sustainable green construction fence with a mature hedge that instantly creates a barrier with a green appearance at construction sites and events.

The MobiGreenFence fence is supplied with Hedera helix 'Woerner' plants as standard and optional additional plants, covers or nesting boxes.

This sustainable, green building hedge can be placed on almost any concrete plinth.


MobiGreenFence is locally grown and certified sustainable

Social return

This green fencing of the construction site is produced by people excluded from the labour market


MobiGreenFence stimulates biodiversity

Why ivy for a fence?

Ivy hedge provides biodiversity in cities, where green spaces are becoming less and less available every year. Our MobiGreenFence solution is easy to install, requires no special care and will meet the expectations of even the most demanding investors who care about the comfort of living. It is worth mentioning that ivy is a popular and well-liked plant, which, in addition to its aesthetic qualities, dampens noise and also filters and purifies the air.

Explore all the features and benefits ivy fences.


  • Immediate green appearance
  • Stimulates biodiversity
  • Helps make the environment healthier
  • Improves air quality
  • Captures 40 - 60% particulates
  • Ensures greenery around construction and event sites and other temporary fences

Unique features

  • Social return
  • - Reusable and recyclable
  • Completely covered with greenery
  • - Locally grown with sustainability certification
  • Green on both sides
  • High-quality fencing
  • Can be combined with standard site fencing
  • - Low maintenance plants thanks to water tank

Installation of ivy fencing on site

Fence MobiGreenFence can be easily placed on site using a forklift or pallet truck. Two brackets on either side of each element can be used to connect the MobiGreenFence elements to each other or to traditional site fencing. The MobiGreenFence can be placed next to the footing of almost any fence. Assembly is simple, but should be carried out by trained in-house or outsourced personnel.

Ivy fencing - a social return

In tenders, contracting authorities often require a percentage of the contract amount to be spent on people excluded from the labour market. This is known as the social return on investment (SROI).

MobiGreenFence is produced by people excluded from the labour market, so it increases social return and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Green Facades - Ivy fencing

We have more than 10 years of experience in growing, designing, installing and also caring for plant-based fences. We invite investors, architects, company and shopping mall owners, as well as individual customers to cooperate with us. We guarantee professional advice, timely delivery of services and competitive prices. If you do not know which solution will be ideal for your investment, we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to advise you, analyse your expectations and indicate the most cost-effective solutions.

Ivy panels - fencing in your home

If you are interested in the topic ivy fencesthen take a look at our offer on ivy panels Mobilane Green Screenwhich will prove ideal for anyone who values privacy and health. Ivy panels purify the air, by increasing oxygen and reducing to 60% fine dust, which is very harmful to our health. We invite you to find out more.

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