Green screens

Green screens

Green screens are eco-friendly and easy to install hedges

Green screens is nothing more than a wall made of plants, usually ivy. It is a special construction that, practically once installed in your home, work or garden, allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a wall made of plants. Thanks to pre-grown plants, you don't have to wait several years for your wall, fence to green up, creating a unique effect. Year after year green screens are increasingly popular for their aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits. Green ready-made hedges are simple to install, friendly to care for and capture PM10 particles to purify the air.

Green screens - types of plants

Green screens of ivy create arrangements that improve the microclimate and create a welcoming atmosphere resulting from living in harmony with nature.

We are happy to introduce greenery into any space - parks, public buildings, office buildings or private homes and flats.
We actively seek customer-friendly solutions with high quality.

We are happy to provide professional advice.
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Hedera helix 'Green Ripple' finished hedge 120 / 180 cm

Hedera helix

'Green Ripple'

Hedera helix 'Glacier' finished hedge 120 cm / 180 cm

Hedera helix


Hedera helix 'White Ripple' finished hedge 120 / 180 cm

Hedera helix

'White Ripple'

Hedera hibernica finished hedge 120 / 180 cm

Hedera helix


Hedera helix Goldchild finished hedge

Hedera helix


Hedera helix

'Dart's Blanket'

Green screens - find out about our solutions

Benefits of green ivy screens

We have different types of ivy. Depending on the particular plant, it can be characterised by its high frost resistance, its colour in a particular season, the shape and size of its leaves, having flowers and fruit.

Advantages of green panels made from ivy:
- immediate effect of privacy and greenery,
- easy and quick installation,
- a healthier environment,
- noise reduction,
- Clean air/air quality PM10,
- reduced fine dust by 40-60%,
- availability of different heights and types,
- can be planted all year round, except during the frost period.

Our company Green Façades offers high-quality fencing, for which it gives a 10-year guarantee. Our portfolio also includes walls, roofs or paintings made of plants.

Green ivy screens, application

Green screens can be used on both interior and exterior walls, as they serve both to decorate the building, reduce noise and filter the air. The plants used to create these walls absorb dust and other harmful substances, providing oxygen to the environment. In addition, a natural thermal barrier is created between the building and the surroundings, which can help to reduce energy costs. Walls made of ivy we can find, among other things, in restaurants, homes, gardens, terraces, shopping malls, parks and urban spaces. The applications are numerous, it all depends on our needs. Whether we want to have some privacy, reduce noise, improve working conditions, add to the beauty of a place or be closer to nature, green screens will prove to be a good choice.

Our green ivy screens

We have 10 years of experience working with greenery and realisations all over Poland and Europe. Our portfolio includes projects for companies, corporations, aquaparks, public institutions, offices, hotels, restaurants and individual clients. Our team consists of professionals experienced in working with plants. We are passionate about creating unique designs and juxtaposing different types of plants in such a way that they form perfectly matched arrangements.

Growing planting-ready hedges is part of our mission to promote the widespread use of greenery in the spaces around us. Green ivy screens provide a unique aesthetic experience, prevent smog and purify the air in cities. We take great care in the implementation of each project, as we are aware of the beneficial effects that the presence of plants in our surroundings has on our physical and mental health.

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