Green flower walls

Green flower walls A green flower wall is a charming architectural solution that combines the beauty of vegetation with the functionality of an urban space. It consists of vertically arranged flowering plants that create a striking surface on the façade of a building or a free-standing structure. Green walls with flowers not only add to the beauty of their surroundings, but also help to improve the aesthetics of urban spaces and encourage interaction with nature. They also provide an excellent habitat for pollinating insects and help to maintain biodiversity in the city. Thanks to their attractiveness and positive impact on their surroundings, green flower walls are becoming an increasingly popular element of urban planning, enhancing the quality of life for residents and supporting sustainable urban development.

Green flower walls in the home is an extremely striking way to liven up an interior and introduce natural beauty. By using special mounting systems, a wall of flowering plants can be created to decorate the living room, bedroom or kitchen. This solution not only adds charm and harmony to the interior, but also improves air quality and absorbs harmful substances. Living plant walls create a pleasant environment conducive to tranquillity and regeneration.

Vertical garden at work

Green flower walls in the workplace is an innovative solution that not only adds variety to the office environment, but also benefits the wellbeing and efficiency of employees. Vegetation promotes relaxation and stress reduction, which translates into greater productivity and creativity at work. In addition, green walls in the office create a pleasant, natural environment that fosters bonding between employees and reinforces a sense of belonging to the company. They make the workplace more welcoming and inspiring, which has a positive impact on the atmosphere and the functioning of the company.

Green flower walls in urban spaces

Walls of flowers in urban spaces is a unique solution that transforms urban landscapes, adding colour, life and natural beauty. By creating such walls on building facades, walls or freestanding structures, cities become more welcoming for residents and visitors. Vegetation not only improves the aesthetics of the urban environment, but also benefits air quality, increases humidity and absorbs harmful substances. In addition, flower walls provide an excellent environment for pollinating insects, thus supporting biodiversity.

What plants for a green wall?

The following flower species are most commonly used to make living plant walls:

  • Bergenia sercolifolia
  • Common bumblebee
  • different varieties of Pansy
  • Large-leaved Brunnera
  • Common periwinkle
  • Funkia Halycon

The choice of plants depends on where the green wall will be created, the purpose and the effect we want to achieve.

5 benefits of a green flower wall

  1. Improving air quality: Plants absorb harmful substances such as carbon dioxide while producing oxygen, improving the air quality in the surrounding area.
  2. Thermal insulation: green walls act as natural thermal insulation, regulating the temperature inside buildings and reducing energy consumption for heating or cooling.
  3. Noise reduction: Plants absorb sound, leading to a reduction in noise from outside, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment.
  4. Aesthetics and decoration: green walls add charm and aesthetics to urban landscapes, creating a pleasant environment for residents and visitors.
  5. Supporting biodiversity: Vegetation on green walls attracts pollinating insects and birds, which supports local biodiversity and urban ecosystems.

We offer comprehensive solutions that not only give an aesthetically pleasing appearance to buildings, but also contribute to the quality of life in an urban environment. Our green walls not only purify the air, but also act as natural thermal and acoustic insulation, creating welcoming and harmonious spaces.

We are convinced that our experience, professionalism and passion for creating sustainable solutions can greatly benefit your projects. We warmly invite you to work with us and create green spaces together.

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