Moss for the wall - details

The most commonly used moss for interior decoration is the reindeer weevil moss. Reindeer have a fondness for it; it is their favourite treat, hence the name of the moss. The plant is found in Scandinavia and its original colour is grey. It is mostly sold in shades of green, but can also be found in other colours. The moss is impregnated and coloured with natural substances. Moss for walls is not only a trend in interior decoration, but also a natural way to add cosiness and originality to any room. This unusual plant material is becoming increasingly popular due to its unique texture and aesthetics. We can find walls made of moss in homes such as living rooms, bathrooms, as well as in offices, restaurants and reception areas. Moss for walls has gained its popularity not only for its beautiful appearance and unique character, but for its myriad advantages.

Advantages of moss on the wall

Mech is great not only as a decoration, but above all as a plant that cares for our health. Moss reduces airborne dust, improves air quality and has anti-allergenic properties. Thus, being in the presence of moss improves our wellbeing and health. Plants have been proven to reduce stress and increase efficiency, so it is worth using them in the workplace. Another advantage is the fact that walls made of moss They reduce noise and absorb sound. Moss walls are virtually maintenance-free, needing no watering or extra sunlight. They will be an ideal choice for people who do not have time to look after plants or do not have a hand in flora. Walls made of moss They are easy to install and save space. The longevity of moss is also not to be overlooked, so you can enjoy its beautiful appearance and range of benefits for years to come.

Due to its absorption properties, moss will be an ideal choice in bathrooms and kitchens, areas where there is the most moisture. Moss helps to maintain adequate humidity in the room, thus preventing the formation of fungi and mould. As mentioned earlier, moss reduces harmful dust and improves air quality, so it will be great for bedrooms. Moss is most often found in shades of green, so it works beautifully with wood. It will create a harmonious composition with an interior where there is parquet flooring or wooden furniture. A well-chosen moss composition will be a decoration for any room. Thanks to the variety of moss colours available on the market, we can create interesting compositions, which we are able to match with practically any interior design. Whether you prefer a modern or classic style, moss walls will be the right choice.

Moss for walls in the form of paintings and more

For many years, our company has been involved in introducing vegetation into homes, businesses, restaurants and urban spaces. From our range of products, we can highlight those in which we use moss, i.e. moss-covered panels or moss paintings. These products can be hung on the wall to create a wide variety of compositions. Our portfolio also includes paintings made from plants, ivy panels, green roofs made from plants and much more.

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