Green walls or improving the quality of life in the city

Did you know that the air quality in Polish cities is one of the worst in Europe? And in almost all of them, the PM2.5 concentrations are many times higher than the WHO limit of 10 mcg/m3. Every day we receive information on how much the environment is negatively affected by human activity. The regular use of means of transport, energy and services of all kinds contributes significantly to environmental pollution.

The best solution will be to find a compromise between caring for the environment and human comfort in the city. The ecological balance can be provided by green walls properly designed and implemented in urban spaces. As is well known, the presence of plants has a positive effect on the functioning of the environment, in particular on improving air quality and increasing the amount of oxygen. By using green walls in urban spaces, we can improve the comfort of our lives in the surrounding agglomeration. Green walls are specially grown plants that are placed on panels, which are then mounted on the walls of buildings or walls. By using green walls, we have the opportunity to live among nature despite being in the city. The Green Facades we offer are a modern way of using the invaluable properties of plants in urban spaces.

Green walls, so-called vertical gardens

In addition to the health aspect and the positive impact of plants on the environment and living comfort, the visual benefits of green walls must also be mentioned. Vertical gardensplant walls, as they are called, are increasingly being found on buildings, walls, masonry or shopping malls. They blend in well with both modern architecture and atmospheric historic buildings. The green colours of plants also have a positive effect on our mood, as they reduce stress levels and allow us to find an emotional balance. Plants used to create green walls are primarily intended to purify the air, reduce carbon dioxide, remove dust and decorate the space.

Plants that are used for vertical gardens include: Verbena, Coneflower. Violet, Moss, Climbing philodendron, Golden Epipremnum and many others.

Green walls

Green walls, why use them

Our company Green Facades places 96 plants per square metre of green wall. Just 20m2 of plants placed on a green wall produces as much as 34 kg of oxygen per year. In addition to producing oxygen, the same amount of plants reduces as much carbon dioxide as 1 tree.

In addition, such a green composition absorbs annually:

  • 2.6 kg of dust
  • 230 kg of gases
  • 26 kg of particulates
  • 26 kg of carbon dioxide

This means that air quality improves significantly after the installation of green walls. It was also noted that in the presence of nature, people are 8% more productive and well-being indicators increase by 15%. There is a noticeable increase in creativity and a reduction in absenteeism at work. It is therefore worth considering the implementation of living plants in companies.

Plant walls, how they are built

Depending on where the panels are installed with green plants Their construction varies slightly. Typically, the panel consists of:

  • brackets that are attached to the supporting surface,
  • vertical and horizontal sections,
  • drain gutter,
  • module green wall,
  • the vertical irrigation main,
  • vegetation,
  • irrigation line.

As mentioned earlier, up to 96 plants are placed for every square metre of wall. Our green walls grow in natural soil, so that the plants are in their natural habitat. This ensures their healthy growth and increases design possibilities and biodiversity. The system we use allows many different plant species to be combined, which increases creativity when creating shapes, patterns and even lettering. This is why our systems using natural soil have an advantage over a rope system or hydroponics.

On our website you will find more information with diagrams and descriptions of the individual technical solutions.

What does working with us look like?

  1. Consultation
    At this stage, we want to know what is your goal you want to achieve by installing a vertical garden. What budget you have, what and how much space you want to develop. Most often, we install green walls on the walls of corporate buildings, shopping malls and housing estates. Our customers opt for green walls because of their desire to increase the number of plants in their surroundings, to improve air quality, and also because of the original visual effect.
  1. Project
    We design the entire investment, through the selection of plants, the type of construction. We try to make the investment fit in with the current architecture of the building and the space. The appropriate choice of plants must be tailored to the task at hand, e.g. increasing biodiversity, cleaning the air, complying with local regulations, etc.
    Once all the details are agreed, we make a visualisation of the project.
  1. Implementation
    Each plant from the project is numbered and a process of rooting and growth takes place. This period lasts approximately 3-4 weeks for panels installed indoors and 6-8 weeks for panels installed outdoors. Of course, the rooting and growth time also depends on the type of plants chosen for the project.
  1. Assembly
    Once all the construction details have been agreed and approved, we proceed with the installation. We place the structure, vegetation, irrigation systems, lighting, drainage and everything else necessary to make the 100% project satisfactory to the client.
  1. Care
    We also offer a Green Façade maintenance service, which consists of monthly monitoring of the irrigation system and checking the condition of individual plants. It is also advisable to carry out a comprehensive pruning service twice a year and apply a phosphorus and potassium fertiliser once a year to ensure continued root development throughout the following year.

Details of our systems and more advantages green walls you will find in our catalogue., we design your green walls

We assist our clients at every stage of the project. Whether you are modernising a building or designing a new one, we are ready to support you with expert advice.

Our many years of experience enable us to carry out the project smoothly, starting with the idea itself and ending with the final implementation. The plants we use for our plant facades are nurtured on green farms. We prepare the vertical garden system in the form of modular panels, so that the installation is efficient and the plant wall is fully alive. We work throughout the whole of Poland.

Take a look at the details of our solutions - catalogue.

The green walls we offer you will not only decorate the exterior and interior walls of buildings, but also make the green space you find yourself in a positive influence on your well-being.

You are welcome to contact us.

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