Grant for the creation of outdoor vertical gardens and green roofs in Poznań

Who can benefit from the funding?

Funding is aimed at residents of the city of Poznań. Subsidies may be used in particular by natural persons, housing communities, legal persons, entrepreneurs, but also units of the public finance sector that are municipal or district legal persons.

By when to apply?

Applications shall be submitted between the effective date (6.06.2023) of this resolution and 30 September 2023.

What implementations does the grant relate to?

The funding relates to the creation of outdoor vertical gardens and green roofs in the city of Poznań.

Green roof: i.e. the planting of perennial plants on a suitable roof covering not less than 8 cm thick (including vegetation mats).

Implemented green roofs must meet the following conditions:

  • be adapted to the load capacity of the facility;
  • maximum angle of inclination: 30°;
  • minimum area: 10 m2 ;
  • substrate layer:
  • 8 cm for an extensive green roof,
  • 30 cm for a green intensive roof.

Outdoor vertical garden: i.e. vertical installations planted with perennial plants, which can be applied to a surface of any size and shape and location on the external vertical walls of buildings.

The outdoor vertical garden must meet the following conditions:

  • The wall area must not be less than 15 m2 ;
  • Plants should be placed on or climb the external vertical wall of the building;
  • plantings must be watered.

In both cases, the condition for receiving the subsidy is the use of multi-season vegetation solutions.

The amount of the grant is 100% of the costs incurred on the basis of the qualifying documents, subject to an upper grant limit of £25,000, but no more than £330/m2 for the creation of an outdoor vertical garden with a minimum area of 15 m2 or £500/m2 of a green roof with a minimum area of 10 m2.

The total amount earmarked for funding is PLN 250,000.

Green Façades - Benefit from funding

Green walls reduce the negative effects of climate change, regulate the ambient temperature, provide shade as well as adequate thermal insulation. Both external plant walls and green roofs, through the use of special plants, create an ecosystem providing cleaner air.

We guarantee a professional and comprehensive service, from initial consultation to design, planting, installation and maintenance.

Take advantage of the grant and enjoy a beautiful and healthy environment for years to come!

Details and conditions of the grant:,90993/

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